Our Contributors

Issue 1 of the Law Journal is now available for Open Access viewing! Our brilliant contributors have provided the Law Journal with a commendable beginning to shaping our corpus of works that successfully encapsulates what the founders had in mind for a new student-led publication focussing on law at Scotland’s oldest university. 

Above, you will find a collage showcasing all of the topics included in Issue 1, Martinmas Semester, Winter 2020 – this collage is compiled of graphics that were designed individually for each contributor paper by the wonderful Jenna Lipman! 

Special Thanks to our Contributors for Issue 1 (Winter 2020): 

  • Lauren Pursey – The Gender Recognition Act: Past, Present and Future 
  • Dr Jonathan Brown – Detention of Private Persons by Private Persons as a Delictual Wrong
  • Claire Macleod – Truth or Consequences 
  • Eamon MacDonald – Bilateral Investment Treaties 
  • Martin Bernier – Law and the Quest for Autonomy in the Western Tradition
  • Sarah Graham – Legal and Digital Fluidity 
  • Nikita Khanderia – The Insanity Plea 
  • Jacob Joad – The Limits of Liability 
  • Nathan Beck-Samuels – Lessons on the Impeachment of Warren Hastings 
  • Dara Tuncel – Innovation and Medical Patents
  • Catherine Montana – Rudolf Nureyev: A Legal Case Study of the