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‘This Week in Legal History…’

‘This Week in Legal History…’ is a running project aiming to highlight historic legal issues from across our community at St Andrews. Our goal is to eventually recieve enough content to publish biweekly. Some of these issues are momentous in changing judicial or legislative history, and some are urgently deserving of more attention for their socio-legal importance and impact on law in society. This ‘blog’ – in the sense that each week to fortnight we hope to release a summary of the legal issues submitted to us by you – shall offer a space of discovery for many, and reflection for others.

We produce two types of submissions in this project:

  • A review of historic legal issues – where contributors can write about something from the past that has particular legal relevance today.
  • Responses to contemporary legal affairs – where contributors can write about a pressing issue taking shape in the world today, refernces the legal implications and possible impacts on wider society.

Further, the editors recognise that some issues may be more difficult to start discussions, which is why all submissions can be made anonymously through our form (see below).

Whether you are a student of History, IR, Sociology, Medicine, Philosophy, Mathematics, English literature, or even the languages, we want to hear from you! Law encompasses almost all elements of our society – how that law is realised in academia is yours to discover with the St Andrews Law Journal.

  • If you know of or are interested in taking a brief looking into the history of a legal issue, the Law Journal asks for a short submission detailing the date of occurrence, a summary of the issue, and any facts or considerations contextualizing its legal importance!
  • If references (academic or general) are provided – either to academic articles or works relevant to the submission topic, or substantive facts – please cite works referenced in full (to make it easier for the editors to follow/check any important details).
  • There are no explicit rules on content, however, if your content focusses on a sensitive or otherwise potentially emotionally disturbing issue, the Journal editors reserve the right to either:
    • i) Not include the submission in the project’s publication(s);
    • ii) (If a name has been provided) attempt to contact the individual to discuss the relevant issue further.
  • To submit, please see the embedded link to our Google Form.

By Oliver Roberts

Editor in Chief, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Editor

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