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After the Flight – A paper by Katherine Montana

The editors of the Law Journal are pleased to present a paper submitted by contributor Katherine Montana for our Summer 2021 publications.

“(Preamble) In 1567, Mary, Queen of Scots was deposed by Scottish nobles who did not favour her rule. After the 1568 Battle of Langside that saw her pitted against these nobles, she fled to England for refuge. Later that year, a conference began at York between Scottish and English officials. However, even contemporarily, many questioned the legality and validity of these proceedings. This article will analyse early modern English legal procedures and question whether typical legal proceedings could even be used on a foreign monarch. Ultimately, I will present an updated conclusion as to whether these proceedings were, in fact, legal and fair according to early modern standards”

After the Flight: The Legality of the Conferences at York and Westminster, by Katherine Montana

Read the full paper at the link below:


By Oliver Roberts

Editor in Chief, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Editor

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