The St Andrews Law Journal is proudly published under the auspices of the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research (the ‘ILCR’).

The Proposal to develop a student-led publication was discussed and welcomed by the Steering Committee of the ILCR in February 2020. Following this, the Journal seeks to expand upon the publications of the ILCR, and its affiliate organisations, by providing a student-led forum for legal investigations on contemporary and historic issues.

To quote the ILCR:

“The Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research is the home of outstanding cross-disciplinary research in the fields of law, legal history and constitutionalism at the University of St Andrews. Founded in 2015, it unites leading scholars with a large and diverse student body across a wide range of fields including law, history, international relations, literature, classics and philosophy. Particular expertise lies in legal history, global constitutionalism, and legal aspects of international relations.”

The ILCR has previously sponsored ambitious projects, such as ‘The Law’s Two Bodies’ – an ethnographic project dedicated to asking the question ‘what is law’, though seeks ‘an answer in a fashion different from typical jurisprudential studies.  It examines what legal practitioners do; how they regard law; to what extent they think about law in the abstract.’ See more here.

Our objective under our publisher is not just to find the nuances in preexisting works of ‘law in the humanities’, but use a multidisciplinary approach to analyse matters of law our contributors are passionate about. We highly anticipate future partnership with the ILCR in events, such as their semesterly roster of Live-Panel Events and Guest-Speaker Lectures.

Read more about the ILCR at their website here.