| Who we are |

The St Andrews Law Journal is a student led publication designed to offer students and staff access to a variety of articles, reviews, and analyses in the field of law and legal humanities. Our publications engage with issues important to our readership but by placing discussions within a legal context, emphasising the law and its impact on wider society. Our intention is to provide a platform for students to critically engage with law as extracurricular research, and as a collaborative space between pre-existing and future groups focused on analysing and discussing legal matters.

The Journal is led by an Editorial Board comprised of individuals from accross St Andrews’ diverse academic community. We aim to cater to a broad range of academic and socio-cultural demogrpahics by creating a multidisciplinary assemblage of editors and contributors – constructing what we envision to be a ‘St Andrean’ corpus of works.

| What we do |

We analyse law and legal studies – historic and contemporary – encouraging contributions from as many academic backgrounds as possible to build our multidisciplinary audience. So far, this has been embodied by a full-edition inagural Issue for November 2020, compiled with a dozen papers that highlight the intrigues and investigative skills of our contributors. Our publication also attracts academics and institutional acclaim – with the Journal recieving several guest-contributor submissions from academics beyond St Andrews in our first operating year of 2020-21.

The St Andrews Law Journal is published by the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research (with the approval of the School of History, University of St Andrews). 

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