|Focus and Scope|

The University of St Andrews Law Journal is a student led publication designed to offer students and staff access to a variety of articles, reviews, and analyses in the field of law and legal humanities. Editions of the journal will engage with issues including precedent, case law, and interrogate historical interpretations of socio-legal concepts, such as justice. Our intention is to provide a platform for students to critically engage with law both as a study medium and future career path, a collaborative space between pre-existing and future groups focused on analysing and discussing legal matters.

Whether a student of History, or of Economics, International Relations, Science, Divinity – our creed is ‘ever to excel’ – we believe that this is best achieved together, with a fervent desire for discovery.

We hope to inspire our contributors and readers alike to be daring with their inquiries into the ever-changing nature of law, exploring its evolution, and its greatest innovators.

|Our Aims|

The Journal provides an academic forum for students and staff to share their research on law-related topics here at the historic University of St Andrews. We analyse and study legal matters both historic and contemporary, encouraging contributions from as many academic backgrounds as possible. Our aim is to highlight urgent socio-legal questions and to interrogate legal ideas and approaches that might otherwise be taken for granted. We welcome articles from a wide range of cross-disciplinary methodologies and perspectives.

The Journal shall aim to produce a full Publication Edition in the style of other well-known student-led law publications. Editions shall be targeted over a period of approximately 6 months, starting midway through the Martinmas Semester and concluding in April of Candlemas Semester of the following year.

In our founding academic year, 2020-21, we aim to introduce a short showcase edition, our Inaugural Edition (Issue 1 – Winter 2020), prior to the exam period of Martinmas Semester. This edition shall represent our vision for the Journal, providing a compilation of academic works, interviews, and commentaries. We shall, at the same time, be recruiting contributors for the full First Edition (Issue 2 – Spring 2021), as well as participating in numerous collaborative events with our partner and affiliate organisations.

The University of St Andrews Law Journal is a registered Research Publication of The University of St Andrews – published by the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research.

Featured images – as a collage adaptation work – used under the terms of CC BY-NC Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License in association with The University of St Andrews Photo Gallery Database – Copyright @ The University of St Andrews, 2019, 2020.