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The Law of Treasure in England and Scotland – A Paper by Zeb Micic

The Editors of the St Andrews Law Journal are pleased to present Zeb Micic’s paper, The Law of Treasure in England and Scotland, as the Journal’s latest release.

In this paper, Zeb discusses historic interpretations and prescriptions of treasure law in England and Scotland over the past millenium. Beginning with Edward the Confessor’s English laws on treasure, he traces its subsequent definitions and interpretations through some of the most eminent legal scholars of the ages, from Henry de Bracton to F. W. Maitland. After dealing with the English law of treasure, Zeb compares this to Scottish definitions and twentieth-century cases involving treasure. Finally, he offers some suggestions for the future reform of Scottish treasure law based on recent reforms to English treasure law, such as the 1996 Treasure Act. Follow the link below to read Zeb’s full analysis of the treasure law in England and Scotland. His piece will be included in the St Andrews Law Journal’s end-of-year Issue, due to be published Spring-Summer 2022.

Zeb Micic – The Law of Treasure in England and Scotland

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