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Preview-Review of Common Law, Civil Law, and Colonial Law (2021)

Review the full Preview-Review of Common Law, Civil Law, and Colonial Law (2021) here:  PreviewReview_CommonLawCivilLawColonialLaw_OR


| Common Law, Civil Law, and Colonial Law: Essays in Comparative Legal History from the Twelfth to the Twentieth Centuries offers twelve essays, individually embodying the characteristic uniqueness of comparative legal history. Each essay provides a unique methodology, balancing practice and theory for approaching the nature, processes and causation of institutional legal change. This volume exemplifies writing ‘in’ comparative legal history. Contributors consider internal and external perspectives of legal change and development whilst creating a holistic balance between reinterpreting and reapplying period-relevant questions within the comparativist’s own experience. As a combined production – representative of a collaborative project spanning years of revisiting, refining and reimagining within ‘knowledge-based’ legal theory by the contributors – its major triumph is edifying and grounding a continuous exercise across previous generations of luminaries towards making comparative legal history a distinct practice. It is an accessible and relatable reading for students of history interested in law, and students of law interested, as Frederic William Maitland said, to turn their thoughts towards ‘the great neglected subject’ of comparative legal history – no longer neglected. |

By Oliver Roberts

Editor in Chief, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Editor

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