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Trading with the enemy in the Great War – A guest paper by Dr Robert S. Shiels

The editors of the Law Journal are pleased to present a guest paper submitted by Dr Robert S. Shiels for our Summer 2021 publications.

“(Preamble) In this paper, Robert Shiels, a graduate of the universities of Dundee and Glasgow, and a solicitor in Scotland, considers the politically sensitive circumstances arising at the outbreak of the Great War from existing fleets at sea during the immediate declaration of war. The decision to prosecute, or not to prosecute, for serious criminal charges arising from that trade was problematic, and particularly sensitive as the immediate context concerned indirectly those engaged in high politics.”

Trading with the enemy in the Great War: the directors of William Jacks and Company in Glasgow, by Dr Robert S. Shiels 

Read the full paper at the link below:


By Oliver Roberts

Editor in Chief, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Editor

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